DiaZone Tank Systems

DiaZone systems generate ozone in solution (Ozone-Water) and are ideal for tank installations. Ozone rapidly kills bacteria, viruses and other microbes in water and improves the quality, taste and palatability of drinking water. Our DiaZone systems are intrinsically safe.

Water held in tanks and process vessels will inevitably be contaminated with a range of bacteria and microorganisms. Open-topped tanks are particularly vulnerable to microbial contamination. Given time and optimum conditions for growth, bacterial and microbial populations increase rapidly. To maintain water hygiene within a tank and prevent biological contamination, a disinfection system is essential.

The good news is that DiaZone electrolytic ozone systems are ideal for tank applications. DiaZone systems are simple, robust, economical to operate, require little maintenance or attention, and no cleaning agents or chemicals are required. Water is simply drawn from the bottom of the tank circulated through one or more DiaZone™ cells and returned to the top of the tank. The ozone generated by the cells remains in solution and diffuses rapidly in the stored water providing effective disinefction.

Typically, water from the tank will first pass through a fine filter to remove any organic matter, particulates and fibres that may cause restriction in the flow channels of the cells. Water is them pumped through a flow cell where the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) and/or ozone concentration is measured. ORP is measured in mV and provides a good indication of water hygiene. An ORP value of +600 mV is considered to be hygienic and +800 mV to be sterile.

Ozone in solution, generated by DiaZone cells, rapidly destroys bacteria, viruses and all other microorganisms. The rate of disinfection is determined by the concentration of ozone in solution and contact time. The size and output of the DiaZone system is matched to tank capacity and water chemistry.

Ozone always improves the quality, taste and palatability of drinking water and simply reverts to oxygen leaving no residuals behind.