DiaZone Microcells

DiaZone Microcells are small yet powerful. They generate ozone in the water that flows through the capillary channels in the cells. Ozone-water produced is a powerful and effective disinfectant that can kill all known pathogens and microorganisms.

DiaZone Microcells are small. They are constructed in two equal halves separated by a special membrane. The electrodes in the Microcells are conductive diamond wafers incorporating a number of capillary-sized flow channels. When the current is switched on, ozone is generated in the water flowing past the anode and a small amount of hydrogen is generated at the cathode. To avoid deposition of calcium and other substances on the cathode, the current to the cell is switched at regular intervals in a process described as polarity reversal. Both the design of the cell and method of operation are the subject of intellectual property and international patents pending.

The maximum current that can be applied to a five channel Microcell is 2 amps and 4 amps for a ten channel cell. The Microcell and its operating system are robust, reliable, extremely economical, intrinsically safe (24V DC) and require no chemical cleaning agents. This is a "green" technology.

Microcells are designed to produce the required amount of ozone for a range of compact disinfection products including our range HydroZone™ fogging systems. Other products and devices are being developed with industry partners including SonoZone™, a system that combines ultrasound cleaning with the disinfection power of ozone-water.