DiaZone Cell Technology

DiaZone cells incorporate conductive diamond electrodes and generate oxygen and ozone from water as water simply flows through the cells. DiaZone cells are robust, reliable, economic, intrinsically safe and green.

DiaZone electrolytic cells generate oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3) from water (H2O). To do this a special electrode material is required and this is solid conductive diamond. These electrodes operate at a high potential that cause the “O” in H2O molecules to form both oxygen and ozone. The two hydrogen ions (H+) from the water molecule pass through the special membrane, that separates the anodes from the cathodes, to form hydrogen gas (H2) at the cathode in the cell. The membrane acts as a solid polymer electrolyte between the counter electrodes.

Water is oxygenated and ozonated as it flows through DiaZone™ cells. As ozone is much more soluble than oxygen, it readily passes into solution to form “ozone-water” (OW). Ozone in solution is an extremely powerful oxidant and disinfectant and rapidly destroys microbes of all types. When ozone molecules contact a bacteria, for example, its protective membrane is ruptured and broken down, cell functions are disrupted and genetic material destroyed by oxidation. No bacteria, virus or microbe is resistant to, or can acquire resistance to ozone by virtue of its reactivity.

To prevent positively charged ions (cations), such as calcium, magnesium and heavy metals plating out on cell cathodes, the polarity of the cell is reversed at regular intervals. This process of polarity reversal prevents passivation and insures that all electrodes are kept clean at all times, maintaining current efficiency and insuring cell performance.

Both cell design and polarity reversal are the subject of intellectual property and international patents pending.