Our Technology

DiaZone electrolytic ozone cells are available for a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications, from high performance "Supercells" for drinking water disinfection to "Microcells" for a range of compact product applications.

We build a range of electrolytic cells (DiaZone Cells) for water treatment and disinfection. These include both "divided" and "undivided" (open) cells for a range of applications.

Our divided cells incorporate a special membrane that permits the production of ozone in the water flowing through the cells. Ozone in solution is an extremely powerful oxidant and a fast acting and effective disinfectant, at least ten times more effective than chlorine. Ozone in solution is safe, it has a short half life and simply reverts to oxygen, improving the taste and palatability of drinking water.

Our open cells produce a range of peroxo compounds, hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorous acid. The combination of these powerful oxidants produces effective disinfection for many applications. Open cells are particularly suitable for disinfection of water in cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

All of our cell designs and operating systems are protected copyright and a number of international patents pending.

DiaZone electrolytic ozone cells are state-of-the-art. They are small yet extremely powerful, economic in operation and intrinsically safe. Typically, our electrochemical processes are chemical free, energy efficient and entirely green (environmentally friendly).