Pools, Spas and Jacuzzis

Ozonation is an effective and safe alternative for pool disinfection. DiaZone electrolytic systems produce required level of ozone in solution for maintain water hygiene.  No chemical additions are necessary or desirable and the absence of chlorine improves the swimming and bathing experience!

Our pool systems incorporate powerful DiaZone ozone-water (OW) cells. Systems are sized to maintain the required level of water disinfection in swimming pools and also of spas, hot tubs and Jacuzzis. Water is simply drawn from the base of the pool, filtered and circulated through one or more of our DiaZone™ cells and returned to the pool. The system is robust, reliable, effective, economical and intrinsically safe. Ozone in solution is a powerful and safe disinfectant that simply reverts to oxygen leaving no unpleasant side effects, unlike chlorine.