Water Aid

The DiaZone A-Box™ is a robust water treatment and disinfection system in a box. A-Box™ is tough, it is designed to be transported and delivered to remote locations around the world and to provide effective disinfection to contaminated water fast. Heavy metals and natural organic matter are also removed by precipitation and filtration. A-Box™ provides hygienic water for emergency disaster relief.

DiaZone A-Box™ is an effective water treatment and disinfection system in a robust, transportable box.  The box contains all components necessary to treat raw and contaminated water in remote locations and includes:

  • Suction Pipe: Flexible pipe to deliver water (from tank/water source) to A-Box™
  • Filter No.1: Coarse pre-filter incorporating a wire mesh basket to remove debris
  • Water pump: To circulate water through the treatment and disinfection system
  • Filter No.2: Fine filter to remove organic matter and particulates, 5 microns mps
  • DiaZone Cells: R600 ozone-water cells (x2), mounted in parallel (for duplex operation)
  • Mixing Vessel: Capacity 20L to allow retention time to form precipitates prior to final filtration
  • Filter No.3: Depth filter cartridge to remove precipitates, particularly iron and manganese
  • Delivery Pipe: Flexible pipe to deliver treated water from A-Box™ to clean water tank
  • Power supply: To deliver power to pump and DiaZone Cells (24V DC)
  • Control Panel: Simple, robust and waterproof, sealed in resin
  • Solar Array: To supply power to the battery

The A-Box™ is designed to treat and disinfect water from contaminated sources by:

  • Removing organic matter and particulates
  • Killing pathogenic bacteria and micro-organisms of all types
  • Removing heavy metals, particularly iron and manganese
  • Treating colour and odour, particularly from sulphides
  • Breaking down natural organic matter and trace organic contaminants
  • Improving taste and palatability of water and increasing oxygenation

The standard A-Box™ is designed to process and deliver up to 500 L/h of safe drinking water from contaminated sources.