DiaZone ozone-water (OW) fogging systems disinfect food transporters and refrigerated containers. OW is a powerful oxidant that kills pathogenic microorganisms and eliminates unpleasant odours.

DiaZone ozone-water (OW) fogging systems can be used for disinfecting vehicles of all types, particularly those used for the transport food stuffs such as fresh produce, meat and fish. Refrigerated containers can also benefit from OW fogging.

In this application, a dense OW fog is generated from pure, chilled water.  The fine OW particles are electrostatically charged and attracted to all hard surfaces. Bacteria and other microbes residing on these surfaces are subjected to the power of ozone and disinfection is rapid. Ozonation also breaks down odorous substances and removes unpleasant smells creating a clean, fresh and hygienic environment for food storage and transport.