HydroZone™ mobile foggers are suitable for workplace, whole-room and clean-room disinfection. A saturating fog is generated from pure, chilled ozone-water (OW) and electrostatically charged. The OW aerosol is attracted to hard and soft surfaces where pathogenic microorganisms hide and proliferate. The active oxygen from ozone rapidly attacks and kills bacteria and other microbes leaving no chemical residues behind.

HydroZone™ Fogging Systems generate a saturating fog of ozonated water particles from pure water. These fine aerosol particles carry an electrostatic charge and are attracted to surfaces, hard and soft. Bacteria and microorganisms contacted by the ozone-water (OW) particles are subjected to the extreme oxidising power of ozone. The cell walls of bacterial and other microorganisms are rapidly penetrated, cell function disrupted and genetic material attacked. Microbial lysis rapidly ensues. OW particles deliver the power of active oxygen (O1) directly to microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi and protozoa, and provides an effective means for workplace and whole-room disinfection.

Research indicates that fogging is an effective way of reducing microbial populations. It has been shown that airborne populations of bacteria can be reduced by Log 3 (99.9) within 30-60 minutes and populations on hard services by a factor of Log 5 (99.999) within the same period. Electrostatic charging of the aerosol ensures greater surface coverage of the OW particles.

OW fog has several significant advantages for whole-room disinfection. Firstly, aerosol particles penetrate every part of a room including those areas that are difficult to clean by ordinary means and with normal cleaning agents, secondly, ozone is an extremely effective and fast acting oxidant and powerful biocide and, thirdly, ozone reverts to oxygen leaving no residues behind unlike most chemical cleaning agents.

After the pre-set treatment cycle has been completed, the level of ozone in the atmosphere falls rapidly and this can be enhanced by the use of a quenching agent that literally mops up the remaining ozone leaving the room clean, safe and fresh for immediate re-occupation.

We are in the process of developing a range of mobile HydroZone™ OW foggers for sanitising rooms of all sizes and shapes. Applications for our OW fogging systems in the health service include the sanitising of hospital wards, treatment rooms, waiting rooms, offices, healthcare centres and clynics, and even operating theatres and clean rooms. Notably, "superbugs" such as the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and its more drug resistant strain, MRSA, cannot resist the oxidising power of ozone.

HydroZone™ OW Foggers are expected to become a practical and effective means for preventing the spread of nosocomial infections (hospital acquired infections) by means of workspace and whole-room disinfection. For clean rooms our OW foggers are a safe alternative to HPV (hydrogen peroxide vapour) systems.