Food Safety

Disinfection is the key to maintaining food safety. Ozone in solution, ozone-water (OW), is a powerful and fast-acting disinfectant that kills pathogenic microorganisms of all types.  Washing and rinsing fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and processed foods in OW destroys pathogens and improves food hygiene and safety. Similarly, washing and fogging food preparation areas and food processing equipment significantly improves food safety and prevents cross contamination of products.

Ozone in solution, described as ozone-water (OW), is a powerful oxidant and fast-acting disinfectant. OW can be used for washing fruit, vegetables and food products or as an aerosol fog to reduce microbial contamination and enhance food quality and prolong freshness. OW fogging systems can also be used to disinfect process plant, kitchen facilities and equipment and therefore improve food safety.

Ozone water is intrinsically safe, leaves no residues behind and has many advantages, some of these are described below:

  • OW is a highly effective and fast-acting biocide that can kill all known bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms
  • OW used frequently reduces food spoilage and therefore waste
  • OW fogging systems can used in cold stores and refrigerators to maintain disinfection and food hygiene
  • OW aerosol fogging systems disinfect hard surfaces in all dimensions, vertical and horizontal
  • OW aerosol particles are electrostatically-charged and penetrate the hidden parts of machinery and equipment
  • OW does not cause damage to food processing machinery
  • OW is produced on site and the dissolved ozone rapidly reverts to oxygen leaving no chemical residues
  • The EU "Biocide Products Directive" does not apply to the use of OW