The elimination of pathogenic microorganisms from fresh food significantly improves food safety. Rinsing fresh produce, meat and seafood products in ozone-water (OW) not only reduces the level of microbial contamination but also improves food quality and increases shelf life. OW is a powerful, effective and fast acting disinfectant that leaves no chemical residues behind after treatment.

Ozone-water (OW) is a powerful, effective and fast acting disinfectant. It enhances food safety and prolongs freshness. OW kills harmful pathogens on contact and prevents cross contamination in fresh produce and food products. After treatment, ozone simply reverts to oxygen leaving no chemical residues behind.

OW is intrinsically safe and many times more effective than other aqueous disinfectants, particularly chlorine. Rinsing fresh produce and other food products in OW has distinct advantages and these are described below:

Fruit, Vegetables and Fresh Produce:

  • Plant and pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed rapidly
  • Quality of fresh produce is significantly improved
  • Shelf life is increased and browning reduced
  • Cross contamination is reduced during handling

Dairy Products

  • Common pathogenic bacteria such as E coli and Listeria are destroyed
  • Moulds, yeasts and even mites are destroyed by OW
  • Cross contamination is reduced and shelf life increased

Meat, Poultry and Seafood

  • Meat, poultry and seafood shelf life is increased and waste reduced
  • Cross contamination with ready-to-eat foods is reduced
  • Unpleasant fish and seafood odours are reduced/removed

Snack Foods

  • Cross contamination with ready to eat product is reduced
  • OW disinfection improves food hygiene

Ice Cabinets

  • Cross contamination in iced foods is reduced
  • Biofilms and pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed
  • Maintenance costs are reduced

Food Preparation

  • Cross contamination is reduced
  • The need for other chemical cleaning agents is reduced
  • No chemical residues from rinsing remain
  • Sanitising costs are reduced