Ozone has many applications in the home. It may be used to eliminate unpleasant odours of all types, improve hygiene in the kitchen, including ozonation of the cold water supply, and treating pool water.  DiaZone compact cell technology is suitable for many of these applications.

Simple ozone generators are commonplace in homes around the world, reducing domestic odours, improving hygiene and providing an air of freshness. Ozone is known to eliminate the smell of stale cigarette smoke and pet odours. In the kitchen, ozone sanitises work surfaces and removes persistent kitchen odours. Ozone kills microbes of all types, including mould and mildew, and also deodorises carpets, soft furnishings, bedding, clothes and shoes. Other significant applications include:


DiaZone Microcells are compact and ideal for 'under-the-sink' installations. In this case, Microcell generates a small amount of ozone in the cold water supply when the tap is turned on. As ozone in solution is a powerful disinfectant, fruit and vegetables and other food products benefit from ozone-water washing by reducing the possibility of cross contamination.

Washing Machines & Laundry

Ozone has many advantages for laundering. As a powerful disinfectant almost all bacteria and viruses are killed in an ozonated wash cycle. Ozone in solution is far more effective biocide that other oxidants and many times fast acting. Ozone leaves no residuals as it simply decays to oxygen. Ozone reduces the demand for hot water, it thoroughly disinfects washwater, increases whiteness, improves fabric quality and is 'environmentally friendly'. DiaZone Microcell technology is compact and effective and delivers ozone to the washing cycle when needed.