Ozone has many commercial applications including the treatment of unwanted odours in public and private buildings and also whole room and workplace disinfection. Our HydroZone™ ozone-water (OW) fogging systems are designed specifically for these applications.


Ozone may be used to 'freshen-up' meeting spaces by destroying unwanted odours. HydroZone™ aerosol fogging systems deliver fine electrostatically charged mist of ozone-water (OW) particles to hard and soft surfaces where smells may reside and bacteria hide. OW is a powerful, fast acting and effective biocide and disinfectant that significantly reduces airborne bacteria and colonies on hard surfaces.

Hotels & Catering

Ozone has many applications in hotels, restaurants and bars. Odorous compounds in carpets, furniture, soft furnishings and bathrooms are rapidly broken down by OW leaving a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Ozonation is simply the most effective way of removing unpleasant smells from hotel rooms, meeting rooms and toilet facilities. Stale cigarette smoke, body odour, toilet and urine smells can all be treated by ozone. Bars and restaurants may also be 'freshened-up' in the same way. HydroZone™ aerosol OW fogging systems can also be used for whole room disinfection and sanitising kitchens and food processing areas and equipment.


HydroZone™ aerosol OW fogging systems may be used to deliver ozone to classrooms and other meeting areas within schools. The electrostatically charged OW fog is attracted to both hard and soft surfaces where pathogenic microorganisms may reside. Unpleasant odours will also be treated and a more healthy and hygienic atmosphere created.

Toilets and Washrooms

Toilet and washroom facilities frequently fall well below the level of public acceptability, particularly in such places as motorway service stations. Poor ventilation and a lack of proper and regular cleaning contribute to an unpleasant and unacceptably smelly environment. Increasing ventilation improves the situation but may not be sufficient on its own. Ozone is known to be extremely effective at eliminating unwanted smells. HydroZone™ aerosol OW systems destroy unpleasant odours, sanitise hard surfaces and even kill mould and bacteria typically found in such places.

Odour Control

There are many substances that cause unpleasant odours and nuisance. Environmental Health officers are encouraging companies and organisations to take measures to contain and reduce odour pollution. Fortunately, and in most cases, malodours can be treated at source by a simple process of containment and ozonation.

HydroZone™ aerosol ozone-water (OW) fogging systems are ideal for suppressing and treating odours. As an extremely powerful oxidiser, ozone always raises the level of oxidation (in all oxidisable compounds), to its highest level, destroying odours in the process. Ozone has a relatively short half life and simply reverts to oxygen creating a fresher and healthier environment for all.