About Us

A-Zone Technologies Ltd is a division of A-Gas International, a global supplier of refrigerants and speciality chemicals. Our head office is in Bristol, UK and our special subject is advanced oxidation processes and ozonation in particular. We design and build electrolytic systems for a wide range of disinfection applications in many markets.

After many years of research and development, A-Zone is introducing a range of advanced electrochemical systems and products for water treatment and disinfection. 

A-Zone manufacture a range of electrolytic cells (DiaZone cells) and water treatment systems. Our DiaZone cells generate powerful oxidants, such as ozone and hydroxyl radicals, from water without the need for chemical additions. 

The technologies developed by the company are subject to a number of international patents (pending). 

All of our systems are robust, reliable, intrinsically safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Typically, our electrolytic cells operate at low current and low voltage and have a long working life. 

A-Zone has developed a number of new and exciting products for water treatment and disinfection and these will be launched over the forthcoming months. Our disinfection products are suitable for numerous applications in many markets and some of these are described in this website. 

A-Zone is expert in the subject of electrochemical advanced oxidation processes and electrolytic ozonation in particular.