Powerful Disinfection...

A-Zone Technologies Ltd makes powerful disinfection systems for water treatment and for a wide range of applications in industry, agriculture, food processing, healthcare, pools and spas, and in the home. 

Our DiaZone cells incorporate state-of-the-art electrodes that generate powerful oxidants such as ozone and hydroxyl radicals. 

We manufacture a range of electrolytic cells for specific applications. For example, our DiaZone drinking water systems incorporate cells that generate a mixture of oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3) from the "O" in H2O as water simply flows through the cells.

Ozone in solution is an extremely powerful oxidant, sanitiser and disinfectant. Ozone has the highest oxidation potential of all disinfectants and is known to rapidly kill all pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds, protozoa and their cysts and algae. No organism can resist, or develop resistance to ozone by virtue of its reactivity. 

Ozone is known to breakdown the protective cell walls of pathogenic microorganisms and to damage their cellular structures and genetic material. Ozone also breaks down pyrogens and even mineralises organic compounds to carbon dioxide.

Ozone is an unstable molecule that readily reverts to oxygen. In solution, ozone has a half life of about 20 minutes in clean water at 20 deg C and less in contaminated sources. As a disinfectant, ozone is 20 times more powerful than chlorine and over a thousand times faster acting.

Ozone improves the taste and smell of water and, after treatment, water is typically colourless, odourless, oxygenated, safer to drink and more palatable than chlorinated water.

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Drinking Water

Ozone in solution is an effective disinfectant that also improves the taste and palatability of drinking water.

Water Aid

A-Box is a packaged water treatment system that provides powerful disinfection in a tough, transportable box.


Ozone-water fogging systems are designed for workplace and whole room disinfection and particularly hospitals

Medical & Dental

SonoZone systems combines the benefits of ultrasound cleaning with the power of ozone disinfection

Flower Care

FloraZone flowercare systems increase the life of cut flowers by disinfecting flower water.


Ozone-water aerosol fogging systems kill animal and plant pathogenic microorganisms.


Food quality and shelf life are improved by ozone-water washing and aerosol fogging


Electrolytic systems generate powerful oxidants suitable for disinfecting cooling water.


Ozone water aerosol systems are suitable for whole room disinfection and the treatment of malodours


Ozone-water systems can be installed in the kitchen under-the-sink and also in washing machines.

Pools Spa Jacuzzi

Ozone is a powerful, fast-acting disinfectant and an effective and safe alternative to chlorine for pools and spas.


Ozone-water fogging systems are ideal for the disinfection of food transporters and containers.